Side Effects Of Mass Gainers

It is natural to get lured by the nutritional supplements in the market if you are a person working hard to build muscles. While there is nothing wrong in taking the best mass gainer supplements, people must be aware that they do not work for everyone. They do have some side effects such as

  • Weight gain
  • Allergic reactions
  • Undesired Interaction with medications

Hence, it is essential for people to consult a doctor before using the mass gainers as part of their diet plan.

Mass Gainers

If you are not aware of what a Mass gainer is, it is a supplement to help the athletes build their muscle and prevent loss of muscle mass. They are high-calorie supplements and contains carbohydrates, protein, and fat in varying amounts. Many of these mass gainers also have vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other necessary supplements to help in gaining muscle mass. They are usually consumed with water or milk, before or after the rigorous workout.

Negative Effects

Though these supplements give the desired result, there are also some negative effects involved.

When trying to gain mass, one needs to take more calories in their diet. This is where the mass gainer comes into action. But if the consumption of these mass gainer gives you more calories than what you require, then the person taking the supplement with gain more fat than gaining muscle. Intake of too many calories, even if the person is a body builder leads to fat gain.

Another undesired result is the Allergic reaction to these supplements. Although the risk is low, there still is some possibility. Mass gainers are potential sources of two main food allergens – soy and milk. Mass gainers also contain various other nutrients that may trigger an allergic reaction in the body of few people. Hence, if a person who intakes these supplements experience hives, itchiness or bloating, then stop using it and consult a doctor.

Mass Gainers are still good for athletes. But use it after discussing with the doctor and use the best product in the market.


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