Cheating a drug abuse test is becoming tougher and tougher. To clean your system you have to flush out the drug and that is possible by fluids. The urine is the ideal way to excrete the drug before the test. Obtaining the diluted urine sample is the ideal way to cheat the test. Once the urine is diluted even small traces of drug if found is considered as negative.

The three ways to clean your system before a drug test is by dilution, substitution, and adulteration. If dilution does not yield good results, then substitution with synthetic urine or adulterating the urine sample is the other option. Powdered urine, urine from another person, and fake urine can be used. These are the types of fake pee you can get to pass drug tests.

Cleaning the body the natural way is the safe and effective option to pass the drug test without any hassles. Natural detoxification is obtained by drinking plenty of fluids. Cranberry juice also has proven benefits. This will help cleanse the blood and urine in a natural way. The other safest method is to enroll into the detoxification programs. This has to be started at least seven days before the test. This speeds up the detoxification process.

If you are in a hurry and want same day cleansing then go for those detoxification drinks that clean out the drug the same day within 4 to 6 hours. This is the safe and effective option to clean your system.

Before going in for the tests it is advised to drink eight glasses of water to clean the system and dilute the urine. This can also be achieved by boosting the creatinine in blood by consuming red meat a few days before the test. This can fool any lab easily.

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