Technology used to identify knee injuries

Physical activities and sports is something that needs to be a part of our daily lives. We need to stay active and fit all through our life, ruling out any physical weakness and ailments. But in the journey to stay fit and achieve any heights, we sometimes forget and make mistakes that cause you time and pain.

Especially knee injuries are the most common ones. We see people as young as 25 with a severe knee injury due to improper gym equipment handling.  Sports personalities as young as 21; can be seen hurting their knees while playing or practising. In the olden days, without technology, identifying the exact problem was a difficult task. But with today’s improvement in medical technology, we have a number of ways to accurately locate the problem and find a solution to it. Once it’s identified you can go in for various treatments. If you are looking to avoid them, then the best way is to use a rigid knee brace,that protects your knees best.

X-Ray: this is one of the oldest methods used to identify the problem, yet accurately. This has been here for many years and yet is the most commonly used technology. This one uses X-rays to find out any fractures in the bones, dislocations; and also to find out about degenerative disease.

CT scan:

This is another old method, but gives you cross-sectional image of the injured part, helping to analyse the problem better and aids in giving the right solution.

MRI: this is one of the advanced technologies which use powerful radio-magnetic waves to create images of your injured part. This is used when the injury has been gone deeper to the issues and ligaments level. This allows spotting the problem and giving effective treatment to be healed completely.


This is a method that uses sound waves to create images of the injured part, around the soft tissue structures. This helps the doctors in finding the exact working condition of the place and check for any underlying specific problems.

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