Online Dating In Saudi Arabia

Finding the soul mate is a tough thing:

The conservative approach to marriage was that parents of the prospective bride or the groom would approach a marriage broker or a matchmaker who would do it honorary work in order to ensure that all the eligible people on her list were appropriately hitched.

The times are changing:

Today, the educated youth do not want the parents to search a partner for them. They want to be able to have a say in choosing their partners with the advent of education and men and women rubbing shoulders in most of the fields of work, the idea of not being able to date and marry inconspicuously sound alien.

Technology to the rescue:

Online technology and marriage and dating websites have made it easy to hook up with like-minded people across the globe. It is now possible to know if there is a soul mate in someone who is sitting in so far as India or Pakistan for a guy who is in Turkey or Tunisia!

This has been possible only because of the superb reach of mobile connectivity. Nowadays, the youth would want to have a chance of dating before they decide if the person would make a good husband or wife.

Getting hooked on the portal itself:

The website, a brilliant example is زواج مسيار serve two great purposes.

  1. Dissemination of information across the globe:
  2. Allowing the girl and the boy to chat on the website itself privately and confidentially

The website is a boon to those who have this mindset that they will only marry a person whom they know well. They do not want to end up being at crossroads with their spouses only because they did not care to learn deeper about each other and ended up marrying in a hurry.

It is good to remember that marriage is a great commitment and people are emotionally attached to this institution. It is best to know about the bride and the groom before solemnizing the contractual bond rather than coming to know about something undesirable in one or both of them and then ending the marriage on sour notes. It is not good emotional and psychological health of both the parties to the marriage.

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