A smile on your face speaks about a thousand things about yourself. A missing tooth can put a gap to your beautiful smile. It brings down your confidence and charm. The urge to smile can dampen any spirit.

Technology has advanced drastically in giving the beautiful smile back in individuals with missing tooth at an affordable price. To fill the gap in your smile the “temptooth” has been designed which can let you smile again.

Temptooth is a fake temporary tooth solution that can delay the dental implant process. It is tested and tried and found to be a best option. There are no worries with temptooth as it is very safe and effective. The temptooth are durable and can be done in the comfort of the patient’s home. It has beads which need to be warmed to soften them and mould them to make replacement tooth.

Temptooth is generally made of safe material that can be used without any health effects. It can be used up to three months, until the user has the perfect implant or a denture created. It can be easily removed when not required. The appearance of a temptooth is close matching that of real tooth. If required it can be coloured too, to match the surrounding teeth.

The temptooth need to be removed while eating any sticky food as there are chances of it being pulled along with the food. This tooth cannot be placed if there are continuous missing teeth as it requires natural teeth surrounding it to hold it tight.

Temptooth is definitely a worthy purchase to cover those missing gaps in your smile and to sparkle back a beautiful smile on your face. These missing gaps can be later replaced by a denture or an implant.